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Tomorrow I'm speaking at the 15th SAGE-AU Conference and I'm going to be doing my "Top 10 Session" on Windows Server 2008.  But these guys are mostly Unix Administrators so in preparing I've been trying to get together some really compelling demo's around Windows PowerShell and Server Core.  I think it's important to show these guys as much "CMD" prompts as possible because that's where they live.  This year the event is in Sydney at the Sebel Hotel in Parramatta.  Although I've been out that way many times I always get lost so time to do a Live Search just to make sure.

So that's the map done...


Now the directions..

Route summary

Total distance: 14.4 km

Estimated time: 26 Minutes

Driving directions

0 Depart on Ramleh St (South) (0.1 km)
1 Turn RIGHT (West) onto High St (0.6 km)
2 Turn LEFT (South) onto Pittwater Rd (0.6 km)
3 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Ryde Rd (0.7 km)
4 Bear LEFT (South-West) onto Monash Rd (0.2 km)
5 Turn RIGHT (North-West) onto Victoria Rd (12.1 km)
6 Turn LEFT (South) onto Church St (0.2 km)
7 Arrive at 350 Church St, Parramatta, NSW 2150, Australia

So I'm looking forward to showing Windows Server 2008 tomorrow.  Should be fun..

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Cheers, Jeffa

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  1. Pete Calvert says:

    While SAGE-AU’s history (or rather the US based SAGE) is primarily Un*x-centred, SAGE-AU (www.sage-au.org.au) is not overwhelmed by any particular OS. We have a very large number or Windows admins, and most of the admins operate in hetrogenious environments, running Windows machines, linux, unix, Apples and mainframes (or combinations thereof).

    Jeff’s presentation was very well received and the people from a un*x background were really pleased to hear that Services for Unix were part of the core OS, that Powershell was cool, and that Powershell’s get-help output format was very "man" like.

    Breaking through the "religious" bigotry and FUD that stops sysadmins from dismissing alternate OSs is extremely important in making sure that computer systems can actually perform the work we need them to do.

    Having people like Jeff, who know how the real world operates, giving talks about how Windows can really work – rather than just sales-talk, is something that we should never take for granted.

    Well done Jeff

    And happy Sysadmin day (http://www.sysadminday.com/) to all the sysadmins out there.

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