Windows Live OneCare Beta 2 Begins Today


The Windows Live OneCare Beta (v2.0) Begins Today!

You are invited to the Windows Live OneCare Beta! Please follow the instructions below to install the Windows Live OneCare Beta (v2.0) today.

Click here to install and use Windows Live OneCare Beta (v2.0) now!

Windows Live OneCare is an automatically self-updating PC care service that's on whenever your PC is on, helping provide persistent protection against viruses, hackers, and other threats. It also performs regular tune-ups to help keep your PC running at top speed, and helps you back up important documents.

  • Runs quietly in the background, providing anti-virus, anti-spyware, online identity and scam protection (anti-phishing) and firewall protection
  • Updates itself to help you keep ahead of the latest threats
  • Runs regular PC tune-ups, even checking for ways to cut PC boot time
  • Provides one-click solutions to most problems
  • Makes backups a breeze
  • Provides the option to store copies of your photos online
  • Lets you see the status of all your computer systems at a glance

Frequently Asked Questions:

In which countries can I use Windows Live OneCare?
Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, US.

What if new viruses or other Internet threats come out?
Windows Live OneCare Beta (v2.0) will regularly update itself based on emerging Internet threats so you can have better peace of mind.

Is x64 supported?
Yes. Download the Windows Live OneCare Beta (v2.0) and give it a try!

I'm a paid subscriber to OneCare, do I need to install the beta (v2.0)?
No. If you are already a paid subscriber for the publicly available service at, then you are enjoying the certainty that comes with a Microsoft-shipped product. At the conclusion of the beta, all paid subscribers will automatically be upgraded to v2.0 for free.

Where can I learn more about the Windows Live OneCare Beta (v2.0)?
Learn more about Windows Live OneCare Beta (v2.0) by visiting

Click here to install and use Windows Live OneCare Beta (v2.0) now!

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Comments (1)

  1. Tim Toennies says:

    I am getting this error when I try to install: Windows Live OneCare could not  be installed because the download files could not be verified. Please contact support.

    Any suggestions????

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