Live Earth 7.7.07 Kicks Off!!


The Live Earth Concerts just kicked off in Sydney with a great introduction by Al Gore via live satellite from the US.  I was originally going to go to the concert in Sydney as I ended up getting a free ticket but I just arrived back from Singapore this morning and I'm still very sick with the flu.  Oh well those are the breaks I guess.  I and you can still watch online at  You can watch all the concerts live and get lots of tips about how you can get involved and help reduce your impact on the environment.  These concerts are an important step forward in a generation taking action and doing something about our impact on planet earth.  And lets face it we have to do something now if we want to leave our planet in tact for our children and generations to come.

I for one don't want my children asking me the question in 20 years.  "Dad you could have done something...Why didn't you"? 

I know this is a technical blog about all things Microsoft but I feel compelled to use my voice as a blogger to get the word out.  So here I am!  Do something folks and think about making a change.  Here's 4 steps to get you started at home

  1. Measure your impact
  2. Reduce and Replace
  3. Offset Responsibly
  4. Stay Informed

There are many others of course but this is something we can all do to get started.  As a technology person I have really tried to use Windows Vista's new power management capabilities to turn my computers off when not in use.  The other thing I'm doing on a personal level is applying for training that Al Gore is conducting in Australia later this year.  If I get picked I will be trained along with 170 other participants on how to deliver Al Gore's presentation slide show on Global Warming.  I'm really hoping I get picked so I can use my skills and passion as a presenter to get this message across.

We cannot miss this opportunity because our planet hangs in the balance.  Please go to and get more information and submit one of the 10 pledges to make a difference.

So now I'm going to watch some of the concert footage!

And here is a Video of how MSN is involved.

Do something no matter how small!!


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  1. Kaki Karaoke says:

    I wish I could be among those who attend the concert too. But, at least it’s still better to watch it online than not at all 😉

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