Windows Vista at 6 months…

vista skus

It's been around 6 months now since Windows Vista was released and to coincide with that milestone Jeff Jones has released the 6 Month Vulnerability Report which goes into detail on how Windows Vista is doing in regards to vulnerabilities and how it compares to other popular operating systems.  I've attached below a couple of the charts from the report that show Windows Vista is doing very well.

vista vulnerabilities

All vulnerabilities above...

vista vulnerabilities2

High Severity Only

We get a lot of flack about Windows not being secure but I think we are showing that we are.  All the work we have been doing around our Trustworthy Computing Initiative is starting to pay off and if I was an IT Manager running one of the popular Linux distros I would be concerned with the amount of vulnerabilities they have.  I would be asking myself some very hard questions like How much is this costing me in patch management costs? and What is my TCO really like?

Check out the report as I think you will find it interesting..

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Cheers, Jeffa

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