The Personal Health Monitor

Last night my wife and I were watching The New Inventors which airs on the ABC on Wednesdays at 8:00PM and much to my surprise one of the inventions was this device called The Personal Health Monitor.  It's a software application that runs on Windows Mobile which is pretty cool.  The device they were demoing this on was an I-Mate JasJam which was pretty cool as well. 

How The New Inventors works is they typically have 3 inventions per show and only one can win best invention on the night and The Personal Health Monitor won last night.  And the best thing is it was developed locally at the University of Technology Sydney.  Let's hope it does well at the finals later in the year!  Oh below is a diagram of how it works but if you want to find out more go to The Personal Health Monitor website.


I might be contacting these guys to see if I can get a demo copy!

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Cheers, Jeffa

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  1. Peter Leijdekkers says:


    I am the developer of the PHM. Thanks for your interest. I hope it takes off but we are currently conducting trials with cardiac patients. These things take time since you are talking about a medical application. It works on a Windows mobile platform and you need to have an ECG sensor produced by another aussie company called Alive Technologies. We detect life threatening arrythmias but also non lethal one such as atrial fibrillation. Currently several patients are testing it and the funny thing is that they do not want to return the stuff to us. they seem to like it mainly as a peace of mind technology. Also we hear that cardiologist figured out what these patients have so for that reason the technology served a good purpose;

    I you want to know more about it please visit and look for the papers we published.

    Regards Peter

  2. Bruce Satchwell says:

    Further information on the Bluetooth ECG and accelerometer shown. Its the Alive Heart and Activity Monitor designed and made on the Gold Coast

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