Windows Mobile 6.0 Resources for Developers

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I don't normally do this but below are resources available for developers for Windows Mobile 6.0.  Hey I guess I'm an equal opportunity blogger!

Windows Mobile 6 SDK Refresh

The Refresh SDK replaces the RTM SDK launched on March 1st and includes the latest emulator images, new documentation/samples and a number of bug fixes.

Standalone, Localized Emulator Images

Available in 24 languages, the standalone, localized emulator packs allow developers and testers to test how they’re applications will run on devices around the world as well as providing a way for IT Pros and BDMs to evaluate Windows Mobile 6.

What’s New White Paper

Covers new platform and SDK features in white paper format

What’s New Webcast

Covers new platform and SDK features in webcast format

Designed for Windows Mobile 6 Guidelines (Standard) (Professional)

The Designed for Windows Mobile 6 guidelines are more rigorous than previous versions providing a higher quality bar.

MSDN Refresh

The Windows Mobile Developer Center on MSDN has been refreshed to reflect the changes, updates and new resources available around Windows Mobile 6.

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