BIG Invite: May User Group Meeting

Hi there folks,

The Brisbane Infrastructure Group is having their next meeting on May 1st 2007.  I'll be there along with a colleague of mine; Daniel Pearson who will be doing a session on "Demystifying Debugging of the Windows Platform".  Daniel did this session at the Sydney Windows Infrastructure Group last week and it's quite interesting to see what really happens under the cover of Windows and how our support teams go about debugging.  So check out the invite below from Dugie and get along of this is a topic of interest for you..

Now if you've ever have a server crash or bluescreen and wanted to know why (and face it who hasn't), you should be at this session.  

...and it’s BYO crash dump!!  Bring in a real live crash dump, Daniel will check it out and debug it in on the night as part of the demos. 


Some interesting figures from Microsoft’s analysis of crash dumps (copied from Mark Russinovich's Tech Ed Session):
    ~70% caused by third-party driver code, there are lots of third-party drivers
    ~15% caused by unknown as the memory is too corrupted to tell
    ~10% caused by hardware issues
    ~5% caused by Microsoft code
    From online crash analysis database:
    55,000 unique drivers – 24 new/day (28,000 in 2004)
    220,000 total drivers – 98 revised/day (130,000 in 2004)
    Over 1,263,300 distinct Plug and Play (PnP) IDs (680,000 in 2004)
    1,600 PnP IDs added every day

As always an early RSVP will help with catering. Please register on the BIG web site: , or just reply to my e-mail.


There is no cost to attend, Pizza and drinks provided. Friends and colleagues are welcomed.

        Venue: Microsoft Level 9, 1 Eagle Street, Waterfront Place

        Time: 5:30pm for a 6pm start.

        Date: Tuesday  1st May

        Pizza at 5.30pm - Lifts close at 6pm!

        Close: Session generally closes by 8:00 pm.

        Friends and colleagues are welcomed

Cheers, Jeffa

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