Security and Management Seminars: Shirts Available

security seminar

Hi folks,

We are making a special offer available to all User Groups in Australia.  We are offering 2 Polo shirts to each user group as an incentive to get members to come along to the Security and Management Seminars!  Sorry for the shameless bribery plug!  So what I would like to do is have each User Group leader give the shirts away at their next meeting if possible.  If not we can just do a draw and get the shirts to the winners later on.  The shirts will feature:

  • Microsoft Logo on the left chest
  • Microsoft ForeFront logo on the left sleeve
  • Microsoft System Center logo on the right sleeve

Here is what they look like:

MS event Polo Shirt

Not too bad eh? Wait is that a Canadian way of saying that?  Could be..Anyway..

So if you are a user group leader in Australia then ping me an email or leave a comment against this post so we can organize the shirt details..

Cheers, Jeffa

Comments (1)

  1. HiltonT says:

    If only someone in at Microsoft realised that Brisbane existed, I’d definitely be there.  Considering Queensland has the second largest population of any State or Territory in Australia (Victoria is the largest) it would make sense to hold a seminar in Brisbane.

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