15 Year Lunch and Organic Cola

How's about this?

Today we went up the road to this little Italian place for Monique's 15 year anniversary at Microsoft.  Congrats Mon by the way!  And they had they had Organic Cola on the menu!  So I had to try this.Mobile Device 027  So the brand is Phoenix Organic Cola and they are a New Zealand company that specializes in making organic drinks and juices.  Well how was it I hear you ask?  Well first of all it smelled a bit weird but it tasted ok.  It's made with natural organic sugar and has no caffeine.  Coatsey wasn't up for the no Caffeine idea so he went straight for the coke.  I've never seen this stuff anywhere else so I'm not sure if you can just buy this stuff off the shelf at the supermarket or not.  It's not a bad alternative if your into a health kick but still need a fix of a soft drink now and then!

Oh by the way that's Frank's hand in the picture..

Cheers, Jeffa

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