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The Microsoft IT Showcase team has published some new content that gives you a good insight into how we at Microsoft use our own technology.  I've always found this content to resonate really well with customers because its real world.  And for 6 years of my life I worked in Microsoft IT so I know it first hand.  Our internal IT Team plays a vital role in the release of our products because they are mandated to be completely running on software before its released.  Take Windows Vista and Office 2007.  The goal was to be completely deployed on these 2 major applications prior to January 30th 2007.  And when I was working in IT we were running on Windows Server 2003 some 12-18 months before it was released.  I updated all domain controllers in Australia in New Zealand some 12 months before the product was released. 

We made a decision many years ago that if we couldn't bet our business on our own software then how could we expect our customers to do the same.  So as a result we publish lots of best practices about how we are doing just that.

So check out the new content below from our Windows Live Security Team and our LCA team on how they are taking advantage of the Microsoft platform.

Providing Security for Web Applications and Infrastructure: Best Practices for Managing Security Risks

Published: 12/12/06 PowerPoint Presentation added: 12/20/06
Organizations across the globe face unique challenges in enhancing security for Web applications and their IT infrastructures. Issues such as improper Web server configuration, weak authentication policies, and invalidated Web requests can lead to unauthorized user access and potential attacks. The Microsoft Windows Live team provides services to millions of customers each month for e-mail, mobile devices, personalized Web spaces, and search queries. The Windows Live security team shares their best practices - from platform and network security to incident management, including prescriptive guidance to help organizations secure confidential information assets, sensitive customer information, and network data.
Technical White Paper | PowerPoint Presentation


Products & Technologies

·   Internet Information Services 6.0

·   Microsoft SQL Server 2005

·   Microsoft Windows Server 2003

·   Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003

·   Microsoft Operations Manager 2005

·   Active Directory

·   Smart cards

Streamlining Records Management Using SharePoint Server 2007 Workflow

The Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) Records Management team is responsible for tracking the location and contents of some two million boxes of documents stored by Microsoft employees. The LCA Records Management team created an efficient tracking solution that provides employees with easy access to records information and offsets the need to handle all box inventory queries manually. Building on the power of Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 and Office InfoPath 2007, the solution uses forms and workflows to automate the collection of inventory data. The solution increases accuracy, enforces business rules, and simplifies access to collected inventory information, helping the LCA team to scale easily and manage the growth and demand for document retention companywide.
Technical Case Study | PowerPoint Presentation


And for a summary of all the new and updated content click here.  There is lots of good content available now.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You couldn’t have timed that better! We launched our WSS 3.0 based Intranet today and part of the next step is Great Plains (via Business Portal)and setting up Workflow systems.

    Check out my Post here!291E3B86A03ABC84!568.entry

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