Look up and Smile on Australia Day!

Look Up

Well that says it all really!  We are doing something really cool on Australia Day this year.  To celebrate the launch of Windows Vista we are running a whole bunch of different campaigns and the biggest of those is the Look Up and Smile Website.  So the first part of this is to celebrate being Australian which is what Australia Day is all about and secondly to be involved in something big and get your photo taken by our satelitte.  Yes that's right I said Satelitte.  Microsoft has commissioned a Satellite to take photos at key locations on Australia Day and then publish the photos to the website.  All this is going to be driven my Microsoft Virtual Earth which is cool.

So check out the Satellite Locations of where events are going to be happening and if you are within a 5KM radius of this location remember to look up and smile!

Cheers, Jeffa

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