Back from Holidays

Hi folks,

Well I'm a bit late with my Happy New Year post but here it is anyway.  Happy New Year everyone!  I just got back this week after about 2 and half weeks of leave over the holiday period.  It was a good break but I'm glad to be back and I'm looking forward to all the cool things that are coming in 2007!  So what did I do over the Christmas New Year break?  Well for those of you that don't know my wife and I have 2 small kids;  Jamie my boy is 4 and Darcey my little girl is 2.  Of course they were both very excited about Christmas this year and what Santa was going to bring them.  My son even came into our room at 6:00am the day before Christmas asking if Santa had come yet!  He was one excited little boy.

So we did the Christmas opening of the presents and the kids just ripped through everything in about 15 minutes flat!  Then when it was all over they said "Is that it"?  Kids eh?  The only present my really cared about was the RoboRaptor robot that he asked Santa for. roborapHe alrobosapienso got aRobosapienn as well from my sister.  The RoboboRaptor is really cool.  It comes with a remote and you make it walk aroundand move its head and tail.  Also it responds to you as well.  If you clap it comes towards you!  My son loves it!  Now I just have to start getiing into Microsoft Robot Studio and see if I can make it do more.



Then my sisters and her kids came over and it was more of the same and when they left we hoofed it down to Canberra to catch up with my wife's family for Christmas night.  We stayed down there for a few days then came back home and hung out around the house reading and playing with the kiddies.  I even got a few games of golf in which was cool.

So the 2 and a bit weeks flew by and now its time to get back into.  We are starting now to plan for what we want to focus on for the rest of the year which is always good fun.

Cheers, Jeffa

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