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Hi folks,

Well it time to do some of these screencast's on Windows Vista!  My plan is to do a series of Windows Vista screencasts on various technologies that are new to Windows Vista.  So I thought I would start off with Search.  The main reason for this is this will fundamentally affect everyone that uses Vista and provide them with huge productivity gains compared to Windows XP.

The plan is to create 10 minute "screencasts" showing you new features in Windows Vista.  That way you can get a taste of what has changed without spending hours and hours on reading documents or watching full Webcasts.  Michael and myself have done these in the past on various technologies around Windows Server 2003 R2 technologies but I thought now that Windows Vista has gone to RTM that it was time to do a series of these.

So what is "Search" all about in Windows Vista.  Well to me its all about being more productive with finding information easily.  Today we all have large amounts of data that we have to deal with on a daily basis.  The fundamental issue we all have is getting to this data fast without caring where it resides on your computer.  Most of us have different methods for organizing our data and everyone is different and use what works for them.  The most common way I've seen people organize the data they are working on is to save to the "desktop" so they can see the documents and get to them quickly.  Well with Windows Vista this should no longer be necessary.  Because "search" is embedded throughout the operating system at every turn.

It all starts with "Instant Search" which essential means you are never far from finding what you are looking forsearch.  The key is to be able to find what you are looking for instantly!



Then we move on to the "Start Menu" which has startsearch built in.  You can search your local computer, the Internet or your a domain network if you have access to it.  All from this one location.

Next we have "Search Explorers" which essential allow you to created more targeted search's and save then for future use.

search 2

So enough of me rambling!  Click the picture below to start the Screencast!  I hope you enjoy it!

Cheers, Jeffa

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  1. Michael Zill says:

    Very good overview – would be interesting to see how desktop search integrates into MOSS at some point.

  2. Dugie says:

    Hey Jeff, I’m with Kyle – Nice Screencast!!

  3. Kyle says:

    Nice screencast Jeffa – good introduction into the powerful world that is Vista searching – for those that want to go even deeper and look at the algorithms etc that are used – this is the patent for it:

  4. Brian Tucker says:

    Great video Jeff! Thanks for making it and look forward to the others….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jeff Alexander has been busy preparing Windows Vista Screencasts . He has posted a bunch so far: Windows

  6. Anonymous says:

    Via Angus : Jeff Alexander has posted a great item on showing you how the new search folders feature

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you could make the choice for all IT Pros for Microsoft enterprise management products, would you

  8. Anonymous says:

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Our local technical gurus Jeffa and Kleefy have been busy making some handy little screencasts for everyone.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi there folks, Well it’s time again for another Screencast on Windows Vista! My last Screencast was

  11. Anonymous says:

    Jeff has a sweet new video that shows the new features of Windows Vista search functionality. This is…

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