Windows Vista Security Guide – Now Available!

Hi folks,

The Security and Compliance team has made available the release version of the Windows Vista Security Guide.  This is  great resource to deploy Vista in a secure manner.  Windows Vista is more secure than Windows XP out of the box but this guide helps you to further harden Vista.

The document outlines major security related countermeasures available in Windows Vista. Two Windows Vista Security configurations are thoroughlt documented in the guide that you can create using the new GPO Accelerator Tool which comes with the guide:

Enterprise Client (EC). Client computers in this environment are joined to a domain with other computers running Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory. This environment may include a mix of client computers running Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows XP with Security Pack 2 (SP2). The EC environment is designed to meet the security needs of most organizations. Microsoft supports Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Ultimate, and Windows XP Professional in this environment.

Specialized Security – Limited Functionality (SSLF). Concern for security in this environment is so elevated that a significant loss of functionality is acceptable. Microsoft only supports Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Business for this environment.

Accelerator Features

Group Policy–based security setting configurations for Windows Vista, based on real world experience from customers, government agencies, and Microsoft security experts.

Recommendations to help you make well-informed security setting choices, thanks to detailed comparisons between the Windows Vista out-of-the-box security configuration, and the EC and SSLF setting configurations.

The GPOAccelerator tool that you can use to automate the creation of the recommended Group Policy security setting configurations.

So check out this great resource for deploying Vista in a secure fashion!

Cheers, Jeffa

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