Ready Summit 06 – Brisbane Event Done

Hi folks,

Well we have finished city 2 of our Ready Summit 06 Tour and things went fine except for some unusual hardware problems things seem to go very well.  So what happened in Brisbane.  Well 10 minutes before I went on my Virtual PC images started to say they were having trouble finding the differencing disk.  Hmmm.. this is weird..Go into My Computer and my external disk is not showing up.  Getting even weirder now.  Go into Device Manager and check the disk to see what's going on.  First message I get is "Do you want to initialize this disk"?  Uh oh..Houston we have a problem!! 

Well it turns out that the master boot record had become corrupt.  Even an FDISK /MBR didn't help.  Thankfully my mate Kyle was in the audience and had BDD 2007 with him on an external drive.  While I was beginning my presentation he configured one of the other machines we had on stage so I could do the BDD demo.  He managed to get all that going and I was at least able to show that part of the demo.  The only part I couldn't show was WDS which was dissapointing but at least people got to see that in Kleefy's afternoon session.

So as per usual if you were in at the Brisbane event and didn't get to ask a question you can drop your comments on this post or see my previous post for Sydney in which I put a link in our discussion forums for each session we are running.

So we are now in Perth with the event on tomorrow.  Let's hope the demo gods are much more kind this time around.

I still think it was the storms in Brisbane brissie

that caused all the trouble but who knows...

Cheers, Jeffa

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  1. Kieran Jacobsen says:

    Try using Partition Table Doctor, will probably fix your drive right up. It has saved me a few times now.

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