VHD Test Drive Program – A New Paradigm in Software Evaluation

Howdy folks,

Would you like to evaluate Enterprise Software but don't have the hardware to run it on?  Well we now have a program to address this issue.  Starting on November 6th 2006 you can now do quick evaluations of key Microsoft Enterprise software using the power of virtualization technology. These come as pre-configured VHD's and are available now in 4 key scanarios.  Right now we have the following products available with more to come:

You can run these on Virtual Server 2005 R2 or Virtual PC but in my experience Virtual Server is the way to go if you're going to run multiple virtual machines.

So check out the VHD Website and try this out.  It's a cool way to test enterprise software!

Cheers, Jeffa

Comments (1)

  1. Brett Chapman says:

    Hey Jeff, great work today at the Brisbane ready 06 sessions today. i have just come across these tonight after checking up on more info. This is great, at least it will keep the *nix boys off my back for a bit while they boast about VMWare and all their images…

    hopefully i’ll be able to set up a test environment like your beasty box, just on a smaller scale ( and with working hard drives)

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