Data Protection Manager 2.0 Now in Beta!

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This just came across my desk.  Data Protection Manager 2.0 is now in Beta so if you want to learn more check out the details below:


Announcing Data Protection Manager v2 Beta

This week Storage Decisions in New York, Microsoft announced the public beta of System Center Data Protection Manager version 2.


As part of our Core IO customer campaign, DPM fulfills the “Data Protection and Recovery” pillar.


Data Protection Manager (DPM) is a key member of the Microsoft System Center family of management products, designed to help IT Pros manage their Windows environment.  


Today, DPM 2006 delivers centralized backup for branch offices, while providing rapid and reliable recovery of files from readily accessible disk instead of waiting to locate and mount tapes.  Restores are achieved from an easy-to-use IT administrator interface, as well as enabling end-users to restore their own data directly from Windows® Explorer or any Microsoft Office™ application. 


Data Protection Manager (DPM) v2 is the next generation of Microsoft’s data protection platform – and the backup/restore tool that administrators of Microsoft networks have been asking for. 


DPM “v2” sets a new standard for Windows backup and recovery -- delivering continuous data protection for Microsoft application and file servers to a seamlessly integrated secondary disk and tape solution on the DPM server.  DPM enables better backups as well as rapid and reliable recoveries for both the IT professional and the end-user.  DPM significantly reduces the costs and complexities associated with data protection through advanced technology for enterprises of all sizes.



DPM version 2 provides:


·     Continuous Data Protection for Windows Application and File Servers - DPM protects core Windows Server workloads (Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and File) by continuously capturing data changes with application-aware block-level agents, providing an easy-to-manage and robust disk/tape back end platform, and one-click lossless application recovery.


·     Rapid and Reliable Recovery - DPM enables IT administrators and end-users to easily recover data in minutes from easily accessible disk instead of locating and restoring from less-reliable tapes.


·     Advanced Technology for Enterprises of all sizes - DPM brings together the best aspects of CDP real-time protection with traditional tape backup/restore to provide a comprehensive disk to disk to tape data recovery solution.  Combined with Microsoft’s experience in Windows Server technology, DPM v2 provides a technically advanced and comprehensive data protection solution for the most demanding Windows environments – from the SMB to the Enterprise.


For more information:


·     For information on DPM 2006 and DPM v2, get the new DPM datasheet

·     Read the Beta Announcement press release

·     Customers can be directed to

·     Partners go to

·     Anyone can send email to for more information.


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  1. HiltonT says:

    Wow – you’re not only ahead of the curve, but also of Time!  I got the following in my inbox tomorrow, 30 Serp, 2006 at 05:14 when it is now (as I’m reading this) only today at 16:32!

    Man – you guys at Microsoft are something else!


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