Windows Vista RC1 Refresh Released

Hi folks,

Just saw this over the weekend.  We have released build 5728 as a refresh to RC1 over the weekend.  We as in Microsoft are looking for as many volunteers to test this interim release (also known as an EDW) on as many machines as possible and have a look at some of the changes since the release of RC1 in early September.

Click here to get the English version of the ISO.  Other lanaguages will be available soon.

So if your interested then check out this build.  I'm going to try an upgrade on a couple of my machines and I'll do a further post on how that went later.

One thing to not though if you are running RC1 on a Toshiba M400, M4 and M5 then you will need to do a clean install.  An upgrade is not recommended.

Cheers, Jeffa

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  1. Fletch says:


    Vista Rocks i can’t wait until it is released.



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