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Today Dugie pinged me about an interesting post on the Windows Vista Team Blog about where are our Windows Vista Beta testers.  I had a look and there are some interesting facts to reiterate here:

  • We have approximately 30,000 Vista Beta testers in this program now.
  • There are Windows Vista beta testers in 125 countries.
  • We have testers in all 50 U.S. States, Puerto Rico, Guam and several other U.S. locations.
  • Exactly 50% of our testers are somewhere other than the U.S.
  • The northernmost person appears to be in Fairbanks, Alaska at 64.85 degrees N. latitude though it's a close call with a person in Iceland.
  • The southernmost person appears to be in the Kerguelen Islands at 49.56 degrees S latitude.
  • We have 1 person on the island of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands.
  • We also have a person in the Tuamoto archipelago which is almost exactly half-way between South America and Australia.
  • If we had someone in the Yukon and someone in Labrador/Newfoundland we would have all Canadian provinces and territories represented.
  • In the U.S. we have testers in over 6,000 zip codes, or well over 10% of all zip codes in the U.S.

So how does Australia do in all this?  Well check out the map...

Australia Vista


We seem to be doing quite ok!  What this tells me is that feedback to the product teams has been so important during the Windows Vista Beta program.  Your feedback has helped to shape many of the features that are now in the latest builds!


Great information for a Friday afternoon!  Check out the rest of the post to see more maps!


Cheers, Jeffa

Comments (2)

  1. Paul Donnelly says:

    Australia actually ranks very high in the number of testers on the beta program.  They rank 5th for total members behind the U.S., UK, Canada and Germany.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi folks, The other day I posted details on where our Windows Vista Beta testers currently are geographically. …

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