Another Windows Vista Presentation

Hi folks,

Tonight I'm presenting Windows Vista and Office 2007 to the Mount Druitt College of TAFE as part of the ongoing work we are doing with the ACS.  This is a special event put on by the college and the ACS.  You can register here. So I thought I would use the power of Windows Vista to do a bit of investigating about the college and where I'm going to present this evening.

So first up is a search on the Internet using the new Live Search.

Results:  Found the website.  Cool!

Next thing I wanted was an image.  So with my search results still up I clicked on the Images tab in live search and I get the photo below.  I like this feature because it allows you to generate much richer searches and find more about what you are looking for.

Mt. Druitt Tafe

Next I needed a map of the area.

Mt. Druitt Tafe1 

So using the power of Windows Live Writer I simply inserted a Live Map of the area where the college is.  Too easy!  I've been using Live Writer for awhile now and I find a really useful application to compose compelling blog posts.  Like this one for example.

The next thing I need is driving directions:  So using the Map I just found above a I generated driving directions from my office in North Ryde.  Click on here for the directions.  Both the map and the driving directions are available now as part of the Windows Live Local service power by Virtual Earth.

So in a matter of 10 minutes or so I was able to use Windows Vista and various Live Services to learn more about my audience this evening and make my trip out there a bit more pleasant.

So how cool is that?


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  1. Philip Farrelly says:

    I was at the Presentation and found it very informative.  Being a student, one of the subjects I had to study included giving presentations.  As an exercise I marked your presentation skills the same way us students were marked.  You have very impressive presentation skills.  Thank you for giving the presentation.

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