Live baby LIVE!

We now have taken the beta tags off another great Windows Live Service and launched and Live Search.  So this also marks the day when we migrate users who now use MSN search over to the new Live Search engine.

See What’s New and Try it Now

·         Live Search is the search engine behind and the MSN portals worldwide.  It puts people in control of their search experience by helping users quickly refine their queries through popular, related search suggestions.  The user interface (UI) is a huge improvement receiving great feedback from our beta testers, and tough performance standards were used to determine if the engine was ready for the beta tags to be removed.

·         Image Search is a best-in-class image search service with an index of millions of images and an innovative UI that includes a scratchpad for organizing images.  It’s an easy way to skim hundreds of online images and there’s a fun “related people” feature that finds connections between celebrities letting you click to see the related photos.

·         Live Local offers detailed business listing information, turn-by-turn directions, vivid bird’s-eye views, mobile phone integration, and live traffic information.  It’s all in one place and the intuitive controls, a scratchpad to collect and share locations, and dynamic overlays put the users in the driver seat. This works in Australia if you haven't used it already!

·         Live QnA Beta is our entry into social search. More than 50% of complex queries are unanswered today, and Live QnA brings the power of a community of real people into search to provide high quality answers. It seamlessly integrates with Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Spaces.

· is a clean, fast-loading search destination page. Customers can create a personalized portal that makes it easy to arrange information based on their interests and gives them the ability to save and refine their searches.

I've been using as my home for quite awhile now and I find it fast and really easy to use.  I like the fact that i can customize my internet experience with the information thats relevant to me.


Enjoy! Jeff

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