Coming Zune..Microsoft player details emerge

All I have to say is Wow! And Yeah baby!  Details of the Microsoft Zune Digital Media Player have been made public.  The player is going to be made available in the US around Christmas so holiday shoppers will be having a good time with this one. So what does it look like?  It comes in 3 colours:  White, Brown and Black which you can see below.  Not sure what colour I'm going to choose...


zuneSo what are the specs on this thing?

                                          Wireless Zune-to-Zune sharing. Zune lets you spontaneously share selected full-length sample tracks of your favorite songs, homemade recordings, playlists or pictures with friends wirelessly, device to device. You can listen to any song you receive up to three times in three days. And if you like a song you hear and want to buy it, you can flag it right on your device to easily find it later.

       Your own personalized Zune. Zune is easy to use and easy to love. You can choose one of three base colors, each combined with a distinctive double-shot finish created by the overlay of one color on another. The player also can easily be customized with your favorite pictures.

      Large color screen. Zune comes with a bright 3-inch LCD video screen that works in portrait or landscape mode. Your music, video and pictures never looked better.

    30GB player. Zune stores up to 7,500 songs, 25,000 pictures or 100 hours of video.  You can make playlists on the go and watch a slide show while you’re listening. Watching video in landscape mode gets the most out of the vivid display.

           Zune Pass. Downloads or a subscription? It’s your choice. A Zune Pass subscription gives you “all you can eat” access to discover and explore the Zune Marketplace.

      Built-in FM tuner. With the built-in FM tuner you can listen to local FM radio stations or tune in to programming while you’re at your local health club, for example. Advanced tuning capabilities allow you to see the name of the song currently playing on selected frequencies.

Pretty cool eh?

So what am I going to do with my Creative Vision M that I just bought awhile back?  Anybody want to buy it? smile_nerd

There are lots of accessories already like the Zune Home AV Pack, the Zune Car Pack and the Zune Travel pack.

I haven't heard anything on launch plans in Australia but we'll see what happens..

So check out the PressPass for all the goodies!

Cheers, Jeff smile_shades

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  1. Ash Nallawalla says:

    Hey Jeff, saw you at the WebCentral thing a couple of days ago in Melbourne. I meant to tell you about my new Zune site which can do with some more members 😉

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