Windows Vista RC1 now Available

vista_head3 Windows Vista RC1 is now available for public download.
 This marks the final major release of Windows Vista and
 RC1 is being made available in both x86 and x64 versions.
 Alot of people that I've been presneting to or talking with
 have been asking about how to get this download.  So the big

question is what is performance like.  Well I have to say RC1 absolutely rocks!  I have installed on all my machines I use in the office now and
performance is really good.  I'm typing this message on my Toshiba Tablet M200 PC and it works great on this machine.  So the next question is
what are the options for the download.  Well here they are

  1. You can order a DVD kit and we'll mail it to you or
  2. You can download the ISO file and then burn that to a DVD.

Now it is a big download so you need a good connection to download the ISO file.  The x86 download is 3GB and the x64 is 4GB.


To download click here to be taken to the Get Ready site!  As you can see from my past posts I'm having fun with pictures using
Windows Live Writer and Flickr!

Cheers, Jeff

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