Where’s Jeff been and…the case of the missing hard drive..

Well folks it's been awhile since I posted on my blog and I thought it was high time I got something new posted.  So where have I been since Teched 2006 finished in Sydney.  Well I took a week off directly after Teched and looked after my 2 kiddies all by myself.  My wife had a 10 holiday in Thailand with a girlfriend of hers without the kids.  So I was Mr. Dad for a week or so.  I have to say it wasn't too bad.  It was a novelty I think for the kids to be hanging out with Dad for a week.  We had a couple kids party's to go and lots of other cool things as well.

Now I tried my best to stay away from doing any work but what could I do!  Windows Vista RC1 released while I was on leave so I had to install it on my demo laptop and one of my home machines as well.  I did all this after the kids went to bed.  I first tried the 64-Bit version of Windows Vista on one of my Media Centre PC's at home which went fine except for some application compatibility issues.  I've ended up running the x86 version and that is running quite fine.

Anyway I survived my week with the kids on my own and to be honest I'm glad I go to work everyday because two of them on your own is very tiring!

Now on to the case of the missing hard drive.  As I said in my last post I decided to play a small practical joke on one of our presenters at Teched and kidnapped his external hard drive.  I knew he would be ok because he was running his demo's off our Virtual Server farm we had setup at Teched.

So here is the trip his hard drive had:

First the hard drive was held for ransom and hung on the Virtual Server Rack somewhere in the bowels of the Sydney Convention Centre!

Next it was brought to a secret location somewhere in the suburbs of Sydney..

After much pleading and begging the hard drive was returned to Tech.Chris with no harm done!  Thanks for being a good sport Chris!

The moral of the story is never leave your hard drives just lying around!  It's just not good security!

Cheers, Jeff

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  1. Andrew Dugdell says:

    Welcome back – Good to have you back in the blogosphere Jeff!

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