TechReady 3: Day 1 Summary

Well day 1 of the big geekfest in Seattle is behind me.  The first day of these events are usually a bit light on technical content and this year was no different.  The reason for this is the first half of the day is filled with keynotes.  I enjoyed these sessions as we got to hear from Steve Ballmer which is always entertaining.

The afternoon was filled with sessions on deployment and application compatibility on Windows Vista.  It was a good start to the conference to get me going.  Today I get to see Jesper's Windows Vista Security Tidbits session that he will be doing at Tech 2006 in Sydney.  I'll let you know how that session goes.

Last night I also got to go to a dinner hosted by an internal group called "Windows Vista Agents."  It's essentially a focus group that is made of technical folks in the field.  Since i cover Vista I'm trying to join this secret club.  Wish me luck!  The cool thing a couple my Evangelism mates from the Netherlands were there so we got a chance to catch up.

And the good thing is the weather has gotten much cooler.  Today it feels more like Seattle with clouds overhead and temperatures in the low to mid 70's (that's farenheit).

Until next time folks!

Cheers, Jeff

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