I made it to Seattle

After a long trip I finally touched down in Seattle.  The main conference has not started as of yet so I've been trying to get adjusted to the timezone and the weather.  And when I say weather I don't mean rain.  What I'm talking about is hot hot hot!  My god it's hot here!  When I arrived and driving from the airport to the hotel I noticed the temperature gauge for outdoor temperature was 97 degrees farenheit or around 38 degrees celcius!  Crikey!  I don't think I've ever seen it this hot in Seattle.  Wow!

I spent the first night catching up for dinner with an old mate of mine John Dwyer.  This was nice because I got to have a good home cooked Aussie meal.

Then on Saturday it was time to have a game of golf.  I decided to head over the bridge into Redmond and play a course called Willows Run.  I played here before so I was familiar with the layout.  I din't play to bad and ended up with 81.  It must have been over a 100 degrees on Saturday and the humidity level was very high.  Anyway I made it through the round.

Next it was on to have dinner with friends.  We decided to go to a little place in Redmond called Pomegranate Bistro in Redmond.  It was a nice to see old friends and have a nice meal.

Today marks the first day of real work while I'm in Seattle.  Today I'm attending the all day pre conference for everyong who is an ITE.  We are basically going over strategies and each region is sharing best practices of what they did in FY06.  Too bad we had to give up a Sunday but what are you going to do.

Anyway I'll post another update tomorrow with an update on sessions I've attended for Techready 3.

Cheers, Jeff

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