Virtual PC 2004 SP1 is now free!

Hi folks,

This is significant news! As of today we are making Virtual PC 2004 SP1 available free to download! Go to to downloads the software. All of us at Microsoft who demo on a regular basis use either Virtual PC or Virtual Server 2005 R2 to show multiple operating systems on the one machine. For someone who has been around before we had this technology; virtualization really saves you time and having to lug multiple laptops around just to do a demo.

So why are we giving this technology away? Well, we believe that virtualization should be a tool to allow organizations to test deployment scenarios and as a development tool to test applications in a safe environment.

In early 2007 we will be also making available Virtual PC 2007 and of course the obvious question is what are the differences between the 2004 version. Well here it is...

And yes Virtual PC 2007 will be free as well.  Sweet!

What is the difference between VPC 2004 and VPC 2007?

VPC 2007 includes the following new features

  • Support for Windows Vista as a host

  • Support for Windows Vista as a guest

  • Support for Windows Vista 64-bit as a host

  • Improved performance compared to Virtual PC 2004

Will all that said I hope you enjoy this free download!

Cheers, Jeff

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  1. BoB the BuildA says:

    Will Virtual PC 2007 be free too, is the question 🙂

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