Windows Vista Deployment

Hi folks,

One of the most important questions on IT Pro's minds when it comes to new operating systems is deployment.  What are the new deployment features?  How to deploy the OS with minimal user disruption?  How do I reduce the number of images that I have to manage in my enterprise?  Well these are all good questions and with Windows Vista we are do alot to address deployment concerns.

At the recent Innovation 2006 Event we covered alot of areas of Windows Vista and one of those was Windows Vista Deployment.  The sessions were well received and customers are very interested in how Vista will change how they manage images in their environment.

A lot of people have been asking for the decks we used at the event and even though they are going to be available as part of our on-demand webcast of the Sydney event; I thought I would make the decks available so you can review at your leisure.  So in this post I will make available the deployment session and in future posts I will make the rest available. 

You can download the "Windows Vista Deployment"  session here that we did at Innovation and keep your eye on the Innovation Portal for more on the on-demand sessions.

Cheers, Jeff

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