A night with Jesper at BIG..

Sounds like a weird title right?  Well there is a moral to the story.  While I was up at AUScert this week Jesper agreed to do his Security Myths talk at BIG which is the Brisbane Infrastucture Group on Monday night.   Everyone was looking forward to this talk because as you all know Jesper is a very sought after speaker.

So I offered to give Jesper a lift to Brisbane from AUScert which was on the Gold Coast.  I offered to drive my rental car as it had a GPS in it so we wouldn't get lost.  Well our first mistake was trusting the stupid GPS receiver.  So we hopped in the car around 3:30 in the afternoon because the user group started around 5:00PM.  We wanted to allow plenty of time to get there.  We put in the coordinates for the Microsoft Brisbane office and promptly went on our merry way and the GPS was working fine for awhile until we got just outside Brisbane. So we're cruising along the Pacific Highway towards Brisbane until the little voice inside says to us "Exit Ahead in 800 meters"  Jesper and I go..hang on a second we are still quite a distance from Brisbane.  Maybe this thing knows a better way.  Jesper didn't want to get off at the exit but I said it must know where its going!  Well I was wrong!  We got off the exit that said Cleveland and went up the road until we got to a roundabout and promptly turned around.  The GPS is yelling at us to do a U-turn as soon as we can but we knew better.  "Hey Jesper I said"  "Turn that thing off"!  So Jesper does everything short of pulling the damn thing out of the car to turn it off but still the voice yells.  Make a U-turn ahead!!

So we finally got the thing turned off and headed on back down the Pacific Highway towards Brisbane.  So we arrived at the Microsoft Office and proceeded to find our car space that was allocated to us.  We get to the entrance and give the dude at security our name and he promptly says "I was expecting you at 3:30pm"  We're sorry we didn't know you cared!

Anyway off we go upstairs to the user group meeting and what a turnout we have!  Almost a 100 people turned up to hear Jesper talk which was way cool!  This was the biggest turnout for BIG yet so this was a great for the community!  No pun intended here; really!

As always Jesper did a very entertaining and relavant session on Security Myths.  The one thing I keep getting from his sessions is how important People and Process are to applying security to your organisation.  The crowd really enjoyed the session and I got alot out of it as well.  Thanks Jesper for coming and presenting at this little user group in Brisbane!  It was very much appreciated.

So for more resources on this session check out the links below:

- Jesper's blog and articles on managing risk:  http://blogs.technet.com/jesper_johansson 
 - Jesper's Debunking Myths session recorded at TechEd is here: http://podcast.microsoft.com.au/teched2005/teched_jesper_steve_debunking_1.wmv

 - Jesper's other sessions are here: http://www.protectyourwindowsnetwork.com/listening_room.htm

And below is a photo of Dugie presenting Jesper with his new shirt!.  The title of the shirt is "My other computer is your LINUX box" Sweet!!

And here is a picture of the shirt!

All and all it was an awesome night!

Cheers, Jeff

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  1. C says:

    Where can you get that shirt?

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