Auscert 2006 – Day 1 update

Well Day 1 of the Auscert 2006 Conference is behind us know and it was a fairly eventful day.  I spent most of the day on the stand talking to customers about Windows Vista and various other things.  I got to go to a couple of the sessions that we (Microsoft) we're conducting which was cool. 

We featured in the keynote with one of our guys from our own internal IT Security team talking about how we do security at Microsoft and how we have applied the Infrastructure Optimization model to our internal processes.  Since I worked in our internal IT for 6 years I had an interest in this session.  I thought it was a good session and even since I left a couple of years ago from this team; things have changed quite a bit.

Back on the stand I was approached by a customer who wanted to talk about Windows Mobile Devices. this will be right up my ally.  His company was torn between Blackberry devices and Windows Mobile devices.  The kicker feature was Exchange Push technology which was recently released with SP2 for Exchange and the Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.  Well thanks to Deeps I have a device that has this feature enabled so I could talk at lenght about this feature.  By the end of it he was convinced that Windows Mobile 5.0 were the way to go!  Sweet!  He figured why add more infrastructure complication by adding Blackberry devices and additional servers to support them.

Then it was on to the Microsoft Q&A session hosted by Peter Watson who is our Chief Security Advisor.  This was a bit of different session in that it was totally driven by questions.  This was a nice format change and most people wanted to know about the upcoming changes to security in Windows Vista which was cool.  We only had 45 minutes so we couldn't get to everyone's session but the questions that were asked we quite good.

So Day 1 ended with Jesper and I buggering off to go to a user group meeting in Brisbane..I'll talk about that in another post so stay tuned....

Cheers, Jeff

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