Auscert 2006 Conference

Well I'm up at Royal Pines on the Gold Coast for the annual Auscert 2006 conference.  This year's theme is "IT Security:  I'ts everyones business.  This year I'm working on the stand and no I didn't bring my golf clubs which is hurting quite alot because last year my team one the corporate golf day they hold here every year. 

So Jesper's here along with our key security folks from the US so it will be another interesting conference.  We'll see how many vendor's will be flogging 1U devices to solve all your computer security problems.  We'll see..

Oh and Jesper and I and probably Chuck will be going to BIG tonight to talk to those folks. BIG is short for the Brisbane Infrastructure User group.  So if you want to here Jesper give and impromptu talk then get along tonight to the meeting.

More updates later...

Cheers, Jeff

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