Canberra Windows User Group: May Meeting

Hi folks,

If you live in the Canberra areas then get along next Tuesday to the May meeting of the Canberra Windows Infrastructure Group.  This months session is on the Infrastructure Optimisation Model.  Dave is taking a break from technology speak this month and talking about process.  Check out the details below!

Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization Journey

According to analysts, more than 70 percent of a typical IT budget is spent on infrastructure, such as servers, operating systems, storage and networking. Add to this the need to refresh and manage desktop and mobile devices and you have a unique set of challenges for IT infrastructure to face.

The Canberra Windows User Group is an Infrastructure Group so it occurred to us that a journey through the Infrastructure Optimization Model could provide a structure for the next twelve months of user group topics and help us build improvement into the infrastructure we design, deploy and maintain.

The Infrastructure Optimization Model from Microsoft helps customers understand and subsequently improve the current state of their IT infrastructure and what that means in terms of cost, security risk, and operational agility.

The Session will define the States:

·         Basic: “We Fight Fires”

·         Standardized: “We’re Gaining Control”

·         Rationalized: “We Enable Business”

·         Dynamic: “We’re a Strategic Asset”

The Dynamic Systems Initiative could be a whole new Series but we might not be there for a while. 

We hope to build a virtual Infrastructure we can extend each month as we move closer to the Dynamic State.

Sessions will cover Infrastructure components or Practice and Procedures to move through each State in the model, topics such as Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) / ITIL will be covered as well as Infrastructure Items like Exchange and ISA Server through to the System Center Management components.

This will be a big year and we hope to learn as much as we teach. 

As usual Numbers by 8th May 2006

Group runs Tuesday 9th May 2006

Microsoft Canberra Office

Level 2, 44 Sydney Ave Barton


Two Sessions 16:00 – 17:30 and 18:00 – 19:30

Both sessions meet together @ 17:30 for Pizza and refreshments

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