Microsoft Security Bulletin: March 2006

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Below is the March Security Bulletin


This advisory contains information about all security updates released this month. It is broken down by security bulletin severity.

Critical Security Bulletins

MS06-012 - Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office Could Allow Remote Code Execution (905413)

 Affected Software:

 - Microsoft Word 2000
 - Microsoft Excel 2000
   Microsoft Outlook 2000
 - Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
 - Microsoft Office 2000 MultiLanguage Packs
 - Microsoft Word 2002
 - Microsoft Excel 2002
 - Microsoft Outlook 2002
 - Microsoft PowerPoint 2002
 - Microsoft Office XP Multilingual User Interface Packs
 - Microsoft Excel 2003 
 - Microsoft Excel 2003 Viewer
 - Microsoft Works Suite 2000
- Microsoft Works Suite 2001
- Microsoft Works Suite 2002
- Microsoft Works Suite 2003
- Microsoft Works Suite 2004
- Microsoft Works Suite 2005
- Microsoft Works Suite 2006
- Microsoft Excel X for Mac
- Microsoft Excel 2004 for Mac
- Impact: Remote Code Execution
- Version Number: 1.0 

Important Security Bulletins

MS06-011 - Permissive Windows Services DACLs Could Allow Elevation  of Privilege (914798)

Affected Software:
    - Windows XP Service Pack 1
    - Windows Server 2003
    - Windows Server 2003 for Itanium-based Systems 
 - Impact: Remote Elevation of Privilege
    - Version Number: 1.0 

Update Availability:

Updates are available to address these issues.
For additional information, including Technical Details, Workarounds, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and Update Deployment Information please read the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for this month at:

Additional Resources:

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  Protect your PC: Microsoft has provided information on how you
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  If you receive an e-mail that claims to be distributing a
  Microsoft security update, it is a hoax that may be distributing a
  virus. Microsoft does not distribute security updates through
  e-mail. You can learn more about Microsoft's software distribution
  policies here:

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