Thumbing your way to Vegas dirty…

Well how's that for a title?!  The title is a bit cryptic in that it's a line from a new INXS song called Pretty Vegas but its not the subject of this post. 

The post is about The Code Room:  Breaking into Vegas

So What is "The Code Room" exactly and why is an IT Pro blogging about it.

The Code Room is a 1/2 hour internet TV show that exposes technologists to the latest tools and technologies for tackling real-world software development issues. This professionally produced & directed TV show highlights the social, teaming, and technical challenges faced when attempting to complete a software development project. Our latest installment is all about developer security.

So why am I talking about it?  The main reason being Security.  And everybody should be concerned about security. The show, in a very, very cool way, will demonstrate the impact of a hacked environment (a casino in the show) that has been penetrated and compromised by a group of hackers.  More importantly the show will also illustrate how to defend against the attack and the type of effort it takes to fix this. 

So where can you watch the show?  Check out the 3 locations below to watch the Code Room!

Enjoy!  It's actually quite well done..

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