SAGE-AU – NSW Chapter Meeting

Hi folks

On February 22nd I presented my Windows Server 2003 R2 technical overview to the NSW chapter of SAGE-AU.  So what is SAGE-AU I hear you ask?  Well it stands for Systems Administrators Guild of Australia which is a group that focuses on the issues Sysadmin's face on a daily basis.  The group is more slanted towards Linux and Unix which is fine because I believe all computer geeks face the same issues daily regardless of what OS they use.

So what Michael and myself have been doing is just giving these guys some awareness sessions on Microsoft products because most of the time these guys just would not get exposure to it.  We've spoken at some of their national conferences on various topics which has been great.

So my session was a Windows Server 2003 R2 technical update session which I've done in the past but I've added some additional slides on Data Protection Manager  and how the DFS-R features in R2 compare to the backup capabilities in DPM.  I also included some of the command line tools now in R2 because thats what the UNIX folks like!  Command lines! We also focus a bit more on the UNIX interopability that is now in R2.

I found the session quite good although I left my power supply to my external drive behind but thankfully I have this back now.

So for those guys that were at the session you can download the slides here and for anyone else thats interested your welcome to download the deck as well.



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