Canberra Windows User Group: March Meeting

Hi folks,

If you’re in Canberra then check out this month’s meeting of the Canberra Windows Infrastructure User Group.

Canberra Windows User Group
Monthly Meeting— Tuesday, 14th March 2006

It’s Security Month!!!!

So this meeting will be about security features in Vista

With the new release of the February CTP Build of Vista out now, David Mackie thought it would be good to focus in on some of the security features. Fair warning this is still Beta so the feature set is not fully baked and as we have seen before the “Demo Gods” hate beta software.

Some of the areas David will cover are:

  • User Account Control: This is in my opinion the killer part of Vista and we will look at it in depth.
  • Network Access Protection: Think WAN Quarantine (Longhorn Server integrated feature)
  • Anti-Malware: Windows Defender
  • BitLocker Drive Encryption: This is great corporate grade protection Commonwealth and State Government agencies will need to check EPL issues after release
  • Internet Explorer Enhancements
  • And many more

Details of when and where the group meets is below:

Group meets :- 2nd Tuesday of every month

Session 1 meets 16:00—18:00

Session 2 meets 17:30—19:30

Microsoft Canberra Office
Level 2, 44 Sydney Avenue Barton
Please RSVP by 12:00 Monday 13th March 2005



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