Podcasts of Technet Webcasts – What the?…

With the popularity of Podcasts growing all the time the US TechNet Team is trialling podcasts of some of there webcast sessions so you can take them on the road with you!  How cool is that?

You can either download or stream individual webcasts, or download them all at once using a podcast reader.   And if you want to find out how to create an entire podcast RSS feed click here.

You can download Exchange Server 2003 audio-only webcasts and Scripting Week 3 audio only webcasts.

And if you like them let the team know by filling out a short survey.  I know another survey but hey this is the only way we can gauge if we should do more of these.  It's only a short one so it shouldn't hurt that much!

They are giving away 6 of thesebut only to residents of the US and Canada.  Bugger!  Isn't that always the case?

Anyway hope you get some value from the podcasts!



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