Windows Server 2003 R2: Will you be my Valentine?

How’s that for a title?  it’s not exactly original in that it’s the title of this month’s invite to the Canberra Windows User Group.  My good friend David Mackie seems to have a way with words when inviting people to his user group meetings.  He’ll try anything to get people to come along and here him babble…um..speak about Microsoft technologies.  So this month he is helping out with our launch activities for Windows Server 2003 R2.  In partnership wilth Culminis we are running mini launch events at some of our user groups around Australia.  David is going to be first cab off the rank to talk about all things R2.

Other groups that will be doing the same soon include:

Brisbane Infrastructure User Group
Brisbane SharePoint User Group
Canberra Sharepoint User Group
Sydney SharePoint User Group

Check out their websites for details!

So if you are in Canberra and don’t have a date for Valentine’s day why not try the next best thing?  A date with Windows Server 2003 R2!  Sweet!  So check out the website for all the details.

And yes I’m working on more blogcasts on R2.  Should have one up today!

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