The Uber Tablet PC Guy

This is one of those funny occurrences that just seem to happen as we make are way through this life.  In my job I meet a lot of customers; partners and general uber geeks that are passionate about technology.  Most of the time they chat to me about what they like and dislike and generally things end there.  Sometimes though you meet someone that is absolutley crazy about a particular technology that it’s just worth a mention.

Last month I attended the Sydney .NET User Group to cover for my buddy Andrew Coates as he was away on leave in Melbourne.  This was cool as I’ve done it before and even presented a session for them as well.  Dr. Neil was going to be there presenting a session on Virtual Earth so it was all good.

Neil brought a mate of his along with him; Hugo Ortega.  Hugo is the importer Slate Tablet PC’s in Australia.  His company Tegatech imports the Sahara range of Slate tablets and he is absolutely fanatical about everything Tablet.  So we got talking after his 15 minutes in the sun with the .NET crowd and I could tell he was really passionate about his technology.  After talking with him and Neil I decided to look at my Tablet in more detail.  I started to use it in Tablet mode at home and found it very useable as a form factor.  I’m using it more and more in tablet mode in meetings which really changes the dynamic of meetings.

Anyway Hugo loves Tablet PC so much that he started a blog callled UberTablet.  You must checkout his post on his first visit to Microsoft Australia.  It is one of the funniest posts I’ve ever read.  He even put the photo of his visitor’s badge in the post!  How cool is that?!

So these two blokes are spreading the word on everything Tablet so check them both out.

And if you are in Sydney Hugo will be presenting tomorrow night at the Sydney Windows Mobile User Group.  So come along and check out the slate tablets.  Watch out though because it could hurt your wallet!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I finally had a chance to catchup with Uber Tablet Geek, Hugo Ortega.

    I sense that Hugo had been stalking…

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