How Microsoft IT Does Patch Management

Our internal IT Showcase team has released some new content on how we do patch management using SMS 2003.  As I used to work in our internal IT department I’m passionate about the process we use and believe it’s a good reference point for how you should approach patch management to keep your systems secure.  Of course every organisation is different but this is a great place to start.

When I was in IT we went from a manual process that required alot involvement on my part to a fully automated system.  This gave us much better predictability around patch management and reduced the amount of time we had to spend on it.

Anyway check the content below to see how we go about this internally.

How Microsoft IT Does Patch Management

Published: 01/20/06       Audience:  Technical Decision Maker


Successful patch management is crucial to maintaining computer security at any organization. Organizations can learn from the Microsoft IT department’s experience with over 200,000 clients in a challenging environment. Microsoft IT continues to improve its processes by merging security update operations for data centers and desktop computers and by using the new Inventory Tool for Microsoft Update. These changes have enabled Microsoft to formalize the patch management process, improve reporting solutions, and make other improvements that Microsoft shares with other Microsoft Systems Management Server customers.


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Presentation will be accessible on TechNet by 30/01/06

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