Encarta Instant Answers

Hi folks,

I found this little gem today called Encarta Instant Answers which you can use with MSN Messenger to answers to those questions you’ve always wanted to know about.  All you have to do is add encarta@conversagent.com to you messenger contacts.

I asked the following 2 questions:

Jeff Alexander says:

what is the population of Sydney?

Encarta® Instant Answers says:

3,502,301 people live in Sydney, Australia.

Jeff Alexander says:

How many calories in an orange?

Encarta® Instant Answers says:

Calories in orange

1.0 cup, sections has 85 calories

1.0 fruit (2-5/8" dia) has 62 calories

1.0 small (2-3/8" dia) has 45 calories

1.0 large (3-1/16" dia) has 86 calories

How cool is that?!

Try it out.  Its pretty cool..

Comments (1)

  1. Clay says:

    Nice. It handles the age-old question about the airspeed of unladen swallows quite well.

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