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New: MSN Search Toolbar Administrators Guide
MSN Search Toolbar provides users with an easy way to search the web without having to open a separate search page. It also provides a better end-user experience by using features that are built-in to the MSN Search Toolbar, such as Tabbed Browsing, Pop-up Blocker, Highlight, and Form-Fill. The MSN Search Toolbar Administrator Guide describes how to use Group Policy templates to help customize, deploy, and maintain the MSN Search Toolbar in your enterprise environment, as well as help troubleshoot MSN Search Toolbar issues.


New: Windows Desktop Search Administrators Guide
Windows Desktop Search helps users locate documents and e-mail messages on your corporate network. The Windows Desktop Search Administrator Guide describes how to customize the users search experience by using Group Policy templates, including the type of information that can be searched and how the search is performed. This guide describes how to use group policy to customize and deploy Windows Desktop Search in your enterprise environment as well as help troubleshoot Windows Desktop Search issues.


Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 Beta 2 Now Available
Discover the power of 64-bit parallel computing with the Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 beta.


Get the Power of Virtualization with Virtual Server 2005 R2
Discover a key part of any server consolidation strategy: Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2, the most cost-effective server virtualization technology engineered for the Windows Server System platform.


New Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor
Having trouble understanding licensing options for Microsoft products and programs? You’re not alone. Fortunately, there’s help in the form of a new tool, known as the Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor (MPLA) v1.0. This new wizard-driven tool provides consistent advice to help you better understand various product licensing and pricing options. It also integrates with phone support to further assist with difficult scenarios and questions U.S. customers and partners may have. Visit


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Using SQL Server 2005 Integration Services in a Scalable Business Intelligence
Find out how Microsoft IT used SQL Server 2005 Integration Services to create a flexible and scalable business intelligence solution. By using SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, Microsoft IT was able to reduce data processing time by 80 percent.

Download the Case Study file (337K Word Document)


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