Get Ready to Party: Launch 2005

As alot of my colleagues have already blogged about it; we are getting ready to go on the road to Launch SQL 2005; Visual Studio 2005 and Biztalk 2006.  This is huge so if you can get along to the Community Launch parties and the business launches as well.  Effectively what we are doing is a community launch with the users groups in each state which promises to be alot of fun.  My mate Dave L in Melbourne tells me Karaoke is on the agenda!  Wow look out!

Head over to Dave’s blog for all the registration details!  Andrew Coates has also down a good post as well

We’re all going to be there so it should be a good tour!  I’m going to all capital cities and presenting Operational Efficiency using the Windows Server 2003 R2 platform. 

See you all there folks!


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