Auscert 2005 Conference Day 0 Notes

Hello all,

Well here I am on the Gold Coast attending the 4th annual Auscert Conference.  What I plan to do is publish my notes from each day to share my experiences at the conference.

So what is this conference about?  Auscert 2005 is the premier IT Security conference in the Asia Pacific region.  This  years conference has a theme of “Secure By Design – The only choice”.

So what is Auscert?  Well they are Australia’s foremost Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).  They provide a coordination role for handling security incidents.  Find out more about them at the Auscert website.

Well Day 0 was just flying up to the Gold Coast from Sydney and this was the first time I have flown Jetstar and man what a differnce.  No seating allocation; no complimentary food and beverages and no entertainment.  Hmmm…I see why they are so cheap…

Once I arrived it was off the the venue for the conference; Royal Pines Resort.  Since I’m a mad keen golfer this is fine with me.

So I got here a day early to play in the golf day which was part of the event.  I joined up with my group and off we went.  I was pleased to be able to play with an old Microsoft mate of mine who work for the company in the early 90’s.  It was nice to catch up over a relaxing round of golf.  As  ateam we came in with 57.25 nett ambrose score which was pretty good.  Prizes are being given away tonight so we’ll see.

bye for now..

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