Sleepless in Seattle

As Michael mentioned we are both in Seattle attending a key internal technical event called Envision.  This is a key event for us to get first hand technical content that we can then talk about with our user community in Australia.

We are starting the week with a pre meeting with all the other Evangelists from around the world.  This will help us to learn best practices from other regions are doing in the areas of community user groups and large events.

We left Sydney and it was 35 degrees Celsius so it was a typical Sydney summer day.  We arrived in Seattle and it is 0 degrees Celsius and has been around that since we've been here.  So am I cold?  You bet man!

I've managed to get a couple of new toys which I'm sure is only the beginning..

I've got a new Wireless Notebook Mouse and Kensington Wireless Pocket Presenter.  Way Cool!

All the best folks!

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