Happy New Year 2005

Hi folks,

Well this is my first blog post for the new year.  I had a good break over the Christmas New Year period and tried to stay away from technology but found it hard to do so.

A colleague of mine in Redmond pointed me to this little bit of Anti-Spy-ware that Microsoft has acquired from Giant software.  I've installed it on a couple of machines at home and its found some interesting bits of spy-ware.

This is cool that we are getting into this so have a look if you get a chance.  It's in Beta 1 right now so the usual warnings apply.  Please see below for a bit of blurb!

As you might have already heard, Microsoft recently acquired Giant Software, Inc., the maker of a highly respected anti-spy-ware tool. Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) helps protect Microsoft Windows PCs, and allows you to detect and remove spy-ware and other potentially unwanted software. Beta 1 of this tool is now available for download at http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/spyware/software/default.mspx


Check it out if you get a moment!  After all its free!


I'm also in the process of rebuilding my home PC and turning it into a Windows Media Centre 2005 box.  Once I'm done with this little project I'll post the details!


Have a great 2005 folks!




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