Clustering on Virtual Server 2005

Well I had a chance to play around with Clustering Technologies on Virtual Server 2005 and I have to say this is way cool.  If you want to test clustering on Windows Server 2003 and don't have all the hardware then Virtual Server is the way to go.

I've now got a 2 node cluster running on my Dell Laptop which a great piece of technology to demo.  Basically I did the following: 

  • Setup a Windows 2003 DC
  • Created a Parent VHD which was just a Windows 2003 member server
  • Created 2 Differencing disks for each node in the cluster.  Each one of these are attached to the parent disk.  This saves alot of time and hard drive space!
  • Created a Virtual Private network and Public network for the cluster to work.
  • Created a Quorum Disk and a Shared Disk
  • Added SCSI adapters to each node
  • Added an additional network adapter to each node

There was a lot more involved than that but that's the basic idea.  If you want more information you can go to:

Also you will notice a bit more zap to this post!  I'm using Blogjet to post articles now.  Check it out! 

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