Golf Today – Yippee!!

Hi all,

Well this morning I'm playing golf for the first time in about a month or so.  If you don't know already I've been a keen golfer all my life.  I currently play off a handicap of 6 but today I wouldn't be surprised if alot of shots go sideways.  It's hard to play these days with 2 little kiddies in the house.  They tend to take up most of my time outside of work these days.  So this is why I'm up so early today.  Tee off time is 6:51AM so its an early one.  Golf is the only think I don't mind getting up early for!

Today I'm playing at Ryde Parramatta Golf Club with an old mate of mine who use to work at MS.  He runs his own business now and focuses on Small to Medium businesses.  He does alot of Small Business Server installations so if you know anybody runnning a small business point them to

bye for now


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