ITE – Week 3

Well...It's my third week as an IT Pro Evangelist and it's been an eventful one for sure.  I spent my first week in Singapore at an IT Pro Summit which was alot of fun.  The second week I spent sick with something I caught in Singapore.  Hmmm..this was weird because I was fine the week before.  Anyway I'm back on deck now and getting enagaged with user groups and the MVP community.

I just got asked to do a Virtual PC / Virtual Server lab for one of our customers next week so I'm going to be busy getting that all setup.

No new gadgets to report at this time other than Technet Plus and various other bits and pieces that I need to do my job. 

Looking forward to the new Motorola Smartphone that is coming soon so that I can go forth and evangelise that technology.

It's a hard life but someone has to do it!

take care all..


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