Virtual Server 2005 Administrator’s Guide

I came across this today and thought it would be useful for you folks. The Virtual Server 2005 Administrator’s Guide is the core resource you will need for deployment, operations and technical reference. Enjoy!


Melbourne Update

Hi folks, I’m in Melbourne at the moment sitting in on the Melbourne Biztalk User Groups inaugural meeting and attendance in impressive!  Around 40 attendees learning all about the in’s and outs of Biztalk 2004.  Our Biztalk MVP, Bill Chestnut is doing an excellent overview demo on Biztalk.  Cool stuff. I’ll be spending the rest…


Melbourne Visit – Day 2

Well the rain fell today and the temperature dropped and guess what I forgot to bring a jacket.  I have a habit of forgetting key items when I travel.  When I went to Singapore about a month ago I forgot socks so I had to buy kangaroo socks at the airport! So far things are…


Virtual Server 2005 Download

Hi folks, I forgot to mention one tiny little bit of information in post yesterday about clustering on Virtual Server.  Ok so it’s not so small! If you are an MSDN Universal or Enterprise subscriber you can download the Enterprise and Standard Edition of Virtual Server 2005 as an ISO image.  As this will ship…


Clustering on Virtual Server 2005

Well I had a chance to play around with Clustering Technologies on Virtual Server 2005 and I have to say this is way cool.  If you want to test clustering on Windows Server 2003 and don’t have all the hardware then Virtual Server is the way to go. I’ve now got a 2 node cluster…


Golf Today – Yippee!!

Hi all, Well this morning I’m playing golf for the first time in about a month or so.  If you don’t know already I’ve been a keen golfer all my life.  I currently play off a handicap of 6 but today I wouldn’t be surprised if alot of shots go sideways.  It’s hard to play…


New Consolidation Whitepaper

The Windows Server marketing team has just released a new whitepaper focusing on Mixed Workload Consolidation on Windows.  This is the most comprehensive whitepaper we have ever released so if you are working on consolidation projects this mey help. Hope you find this useful folks!


Microsoft Technet Plus 2.0

Microsoft Technet Plus 2.0 has officially been announced and has 2 very important new features that IT Pros will be glad to hear about. Full-version evaluation software with NO time limits – This is cool because now you don’t have the time bombed versions of the software. – 2 FREE technical support incidents   For all…


Virtual Server 2005 on Windows XP

Technically Virtual Server 2005 is not supported on Windows XP but it will happily coexist with Virtual PC 2004 on the same machine which is great if you need to test scenarios and don’t have a server machine at your disposal.  For me it means I can do all my demo’s on my Toshiba tablet. …



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